MADS provides everything you need to better understand and utilize your models and the associated data.


MADS is an open-source software framework providing cutting-edge methods and tools for data analyses and model diagnostics.

MADS can be coupled with any model. The analyzed models can represent any physics, including hydrological, environmental, and climate models. They can be numerical, analytical, or ML-developed models. Efficient parallel computing is supported for analyses of large-scale models.

MADS can be applied to process any type of data, including time series, spatial data, and images.

MADS includes a wide range of visualization and mapping tools to represent datasets and model inputs/outputs.

MADS can be applied for model evaluation, calibration, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, and decision support. All these analyses can be performed with minimal user inputs. However, a wide range of tunning options are available as needed.

MADS uses cutting-edge methods to perform these analyses, including Affine Invariant MCMC and Bayesian-Information-Gap Decision Theory.

SmartTensors technology is designed to solve AI/ML problems as scale by utilizing cloud computing resources and high-performance computing.

MADS includes advanced visualization and mapping tools for processing inputs and outputs.

MADS uses cutting-edge methods to perform these analyses. For example,MADS uses Affine Invariant MCMC for uncertanty analyses. It uses Bayesian-Information-Gap Decision Theory for robust and defensible decision analyses. It applies eFAST for computionally efficient sensitivity analyses.

MADS has been extensively tested and verified. MADS has been applied to a wide range of models and datasets.MADS includes a series of test cases, examples, and demonstrative studies. Numerous of research publications and technical presentations were developed over the years to showcase its capabilities.MADS has been in active development for more than 20 years.

MADS is developed in Julia and is available on GitHub.MADS functionalities are documented in great detail. Various tutorials and examples are available on the Various tutorials and examples are available on the SmartTensors website and on the GitHub pages. They will allow users to get started with MADS quickly. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our software.

Please contact us for commercial support and consulting.